On May 5th, 1999, seven men traveled to Salt Lake City on a quest to conquer the canyons of Grand Staircase and the Escalante River. Several of them had never met the others. They braved extreme conditions and meager nourishment (well, not exactly). They endured great physical challenges. They emerged victorious, certainly smelly, but not too dangerous ...

Our Intrepid Team: Photos of and tidbits about our trekkers
More Pics!: Photos from Mike Friedlander
Topo Maps: Topographical  maps for Coyote and Stevens Canyons
Day 1: Dinner and camp on 40 Mile Road
Day 2: Red Wash to Harris Arch
Day 3: On to base camp for all but Steve and Mike ...
Day 4: Dan & Ed rescue Steve & Mike; Mike, Lee and Don reach Stevens Arch
Day 5: Up and over Coyote Canyon; exploring Stevens Canyon; fine dining
Day 6: Back to high ground, the hard way ...
Day 7: A casual 8-mile stroll through Fairyland in Bryce Canyon
Trivia: Fun facts to know and tell about the Escalante