Hey, I have a brand new brother ... come check him out!
Greetings!  Goofster.com is a collection of personal Web sites. About 18 months ago, I was updating these sites at a furious pace. Then Cooper arrived and I didn't have so much time anymore. The lack of new pictures and stories has frustrated family and friends alike, so I made a New Year's resolution to update more frequently. Guess I wasn't thinking, because now that Cameron has arrived, it's gotten even harder.
Anyhow, welcome to the world of our family, friends ... and a tiny bit about work from time-to-time. And, hey, as long as you're here, please take a moment to tell us you stopped by.  Just send me an email.
New Stuff (updated 19March02)
read the Weblog for new interesting tidbits, including my online surprise for Larry
check out pics of our vacation with the Bell family in Virgin Gorda
take a peek at the now outdated Cooperman! page to see some photos, and an amusing video of Cooper dumping a bucket of water on himself
click here to see our friend Ed with the Stanley Cup at Ray Bourque's celebration party
a long overdue link to a Shutterfly album from Jamboree 2001 (be patient, it will appear)
Prior Goofster.com web sites:
Cooper's newborn site - dedicated to Cooper's birth and first few months
Our Maine home - visit our vacation home, our guests, and local attractions
It's About Time sailing voyage - our winter '00 journey in the BVI with the Bugdens
Lynne & Don's Wedding - photo journal of our September'99 wedding
Kylene Shelties - home of mom's champion Shetland Sheepdogs
Jen & Kasey's Carribean Wedding - a wonderful, week-long nuptial celebration
Smelly & Dangerous Escalante Hike - seven men braved the depths of Coyote & Stevens Canyons in Utah for a week in May '99
Christina's memorial site - my first, and most important, web site