Cooperman Videos
Dad hasn't figured out how to edit and upload video from the camcorder, yet, but our digital camera has a neat feature to record little video clips. We'll put the latest videos on this page so you can see me in action. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video clip worth? This is just one of the things I wonder about while I'm guzzling milk ...
water sports in Florida (December '01) 
I LOVE WATER ... not so much for drinking (milk is so much better!), but for splashing and swimming.  Here's a clip of me dumping a bucket of water on myself at the Village of Isles beach down the street from Grammie and Grampa's condo ...
first steps (June '01)
I'm now quite mobile and am frightening my parents with my speed and agility. Last weekend in Maine, while Mom was looking in the refrigerator, I walked out on the screen porch, opened the door, and walked over to the deck staircase to watch Dad mow the lawn. Mom caught me just before I tumbled down the stairs.
But I wasn't always so adept.  I went through the usual rolling around, to crawling, to crab-walking phases like everyone else.  But I've always been fast. Very fast.
Click on these text links to launch a couple of clips ...
super-fast crawling
early steps
fun with a garden hose (June '01)
The day before my birthday, Dad was washing our deck furniture in the driveway. Mom and I thought it would be a good idea for me to give him a hand. And it was awfully hot and I wanted to cool down a bit.\
While Dad thought the water was freezing, I thought it was delightful. And you can do amazing things with a hose: get yourself and your Dad all wet, splash everything, get a drink. Once I got hold of that hose, I didn't want to let go.
Here's a video clip of my exploits. You can also see a few pictures in the photo album.
garden hose fun