New Years weekend update:
Dad has finally gotten around to adding new pictures.  About time.  I've been having lots of fun this fall and early winter: the holidays with family & friends, visiting Grammy & Grampa in Florida, posing for my Christmas pictures, playing in the leaves, apple picking, Topsfield Fair, Pumkinland, Smolak Farms, Nantucket ... I just love being outside.  Click on the any of the pictures below to visit pages with photos from some of my activities.
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Thanks for stopping by.  Love & binky kisses,  Cooper
New Year's eve  Christmas 2001  the Florida Keys with Grammie & Grampa  Christmas card proofs  fall leaves  Smolak Farm, picking pumpkins  picking apples  Nantucket vacation
Links and more links:
click here to get to a page with videos of water sports in Florida, my first steps (well, not my first, but pretty soon afterwards) and me playing with garden hose
click on this link to see my First Christmas album (a separate site on ZDNet)
here's my newborn site, but there's nothing new there.
Spring/summer photo album: Pick an interesting topic from the list below, or start here and follow links to see them all.